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Que culpa tiene Fatmagul?

Qué culpa tiene Fatmagül? (translated as What is Fatmagül's fault?) is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapım and broadcast on Kanal D. The series is based on Vedat Türkali's scenario, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?, which was made into a film in 1986, Hülya Avşar as Fatmagül.The series is written by the duo Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. The soundtrack was composed by Toygar Işıklı.

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Synopsis of the telenovela: ¿Qué culpa tiene Fatmagül?

Fatmagül Ketenci is a girl who lives in Ildır, a village on the Aegean coast belonging to the administrative district of Çeşme, in Izmir province. She lives with her brother Rahmi, who runs a dairy shop. She is engaged to marry a fisherman called Mustafa Nalçalı in a month's time and dreams of getting away from her nagging sister-in-law Mukaddes, who hates her. Kerim Ilgaz is a well-mannered blacksmith apprentice who lives with his aunt Meryem Aksoy, known affectionately as "Ebe Nine" ("Granny Ebe"), who is a healer of herbal medicine.

The big event of the season is the engagement of the area's richest and most influential businessmen Reşat Yaşaran's son Selim to the politician Turaner Alagöz's daughter Meltem. Kerim meets up with his old friends Vural and cousins Erdoğan and Selim. After the engagement party, all four of them go on a drinking and drug binge to celebrate. Meanwhile, Fatmagül is off to see Mustafa depart on another fishing trip and accidentally comes across them. Erdoğan, Selim and Vural gang-rape her, with Kerim passed out with no recollection of the event. A traumatized

Fatmagül is discovered the next morning by Ebe Nine while she is picking herbs. Vural is left deeply disturbed by the event, having constant nightmares about Fatmagül, while Erdoğan and Selim continue on as if nothing happened, confident in their family's power to protect them. As the town go into an uproar over the rape incident, Kerim accepts the blame and agrees to marry a reluctant Fatmagül, as he mistakenly believes himself to be guilty and also in order to protect his friends. As a result, Fatmagül and Kerim's families sell their properties and move to İstanbul to start a new life.

Kerim quickly falls in love with Fatmagül, but she hates him because of the whole ordeal. Things become complicated due to the machinations of the Yaşarans and their unscrupulous lawyer, Münir Telci, who wants to protect themselves, as well as Mustafa, who seeks revenge as he believes that Kerim and Fatmagül had an affair from the beginning. As a result, both the Yaşarans and Mustafa start harassing Kerim, Fatmagül and their relatives. After a few months of marriage and several attempts to do so, Kerim confronts Fatmagül, telling her that he was not involved in her rape.

However, even as she has already developed a soft corner for him, Fatmagül does not believe this, and asks Kerim to prove this to her. In order to do so and demonstrate his love, Kerim files her rape case and asks the police to arrest him, Vural and the Yaşarans, after which Fatmagül finally accepts his love. Mustafa appears once more and asks Fatmagül to forgive him, but she rejects him. Things take a turn when the Yaşarans start threatening Kerim and Fatmagül, trying to quickly finish the case and put it to rest, while also using the bitter Mustafa against them. During the trial, the Yaşarans falsify their testimonies, with Vural reluctantly doing the same. They also resort to using several bribed witnesses.

Vural is soon killed accidentaly by Mustafa. After Yasarans forcefully protect him against Fatmagül, he abducts Fatmagül, revealing that he loved her very much rather than Kerim and he regreted from the past event. Fatmagül escapes him while Kerim arrived to save Fatmagül. Mustafa attempt to kill Kerim as Kerim and Fatmagül manage to flee. But he was founded by police lying unconscious in bushes and taken into prison. At the wedding of Kerim and Fatmagül, Mustafa is killed by police from attemping to escape. Both Selim and Erdoğan surreptitiously moved to Malta island. However, they did'nt live longer due to low customization. Eventually, Fatmagül confront them in court and charged for their fault.

The last scene depicts Fatmagül expecting a baby from Kerim and sweetening a happiest life.



  • Title: ¿Qué culpa tiene Fatmagül?
  • Country: Turkish
  • Year: 2010
  • Chapters: 173
  • Format: Xvid Dvd
  • Approximate: 14 Dvd
  • File size on harddisk: 61,7 GB
  • Subtitles: No

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  • Asked by LUIS
    on 05/10/2018
    quería saber cuando me llegara la novea fatmagul. por que hece unos días que la pedir y todavía no me a llegado, ok. Answer:
    perdón pero la preguntas sobre la duración del envio no se hace por aquí pero desde la pagina principal donde dice contacto
  • Asked by Lizbeth
    on 07/24/2018
    ¿La novela esta traducida al español o tiene subtitulos en español? Answer:
    traducida al español
  • Asked by Aida
    on 11/04/2018
    La traduccion es en castellano? Answer:
    Si el idioma es español