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Señora Acero 3 La Coyote

Señora Acero 3, Coyote is the official name of the superserie, which is produced under Telemundo and Argos Televisión, with Mariana Iskandarani and Marcela Mejía as executive producers. The main cast is made up of Gaby Espino, Carolina Miranda, Litzy, Lincoln Palomeque, Luis Ernesto Franco, among others

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Synopsis of the telenovela: Señora Acero 3 La Coyote

It tells the story of the new Senora Acero, the Mexican immigrants and their struggle to achieve the American dream, they avoid being stopped by the immigration department, or by the narco-trafficking bands of the borders that kidnap them to use them as slaves in the production and distribution of drugs, all these people will be facilitated their journey with a girl named Vicenta Rigores (Carolina Miranda) known in the borders as "La coyote".

Vicenta is a woman of wild beauty and hardened temperament, who stands out in a world of men for being the most famous and most feared coyote of the border between Mexico and the United States. She knows that the only crime committed by many of these immigrants is having been born on the other side of a line that divides the two countries, and for this reason, she is willing to protect them with her own life.

Vicenta detests the narcos without knowing that she is directly related to the surname of one of the most powerful drug trafficking families in Mexico: she is the illegitimate daughter of Vicente Acero, father of Salvador Acero, the only heir of the Aguilar Steel dynasty.

Vicenta will not look easy since she will have to deal with Chucho Caseres (Sergio Goyri), one of the most powerful drug lords in northern Mexico, known for providing the best imported weapons to cartels, terrorists and even the Mexican army itself. .

In the eyes of everyone, Chucho is a charming man, a father of family and exemplary husband, but behind his charming smile, hides a bloodthirsty, ruthless and cruel man who will make


  • Carolina Miranda - Vicenta Rigores "La Coyote"
  • Luis Ernesto Franco - Daniel Phillips
  • Sergio Goyri - Jesús 'Chucho' Casares
  • Litzy - Aracely Paniagua
  • Laura Flores - Edelmira Rigores
  • Jorge Zárate - Amaro "El Indio" Rodríguez
  • José María Torre - Larry Pérez "El Cheneque"
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez - Marta Mónica Villalobos "La Tuti"
  • Lincoln Palomeque - Manuel Caicedo
  • Gaby Espino - Indira Cárdenas
  • Michel Duval - Salvador Acero
  • Mauricio Hénao - José Ángel Godoy
  • Alberto Agnesi - Marcelo Dóriga
  • Eduardo Amer - Oscar "El Bebote"
  • Alejandro Oliva - El Chamuco
  • Aarón Alonso - Mariano Rubio "El Bechoncho"
  • Rodrigo Guirao Díaz - Mario Casas
  • Adrián Di Monte - Abelardo Casares
  • Óscar Priego - Erick "El Gallo" Quintanilla
  • Roberto Wohlmuth - Chalino "El Roscas"
  • Aurora Gil - Josefina Aguilar
  • Oka Giner - Rosario Franco
  • Alejandro Speitzer - Juan Pablo Franco
  • Rosario Zúñiga - Rosa "La India" Rodríguez
  • Shalim Ortiz - Officer Arturo Sánchez
  • Carmen del Valle - Chavela Casares
  • Nubia Marti - Victoria Phillips
  • Adrián Cue - El Tepo
  • Citlalli Anaya - Lorena Casares
  • Susana Lozano - Consuelo Casares
  • Justin Martin - Martin Connors
  • León Peraza - Domingo
  • Citlali Galindo - TBA
  • Heriberto Méndez - Orlando Jiménez
  • Irving Peña - David Casares
  • Coral de la Vega - Ivanna Jiménez
  • Patricia Navidad - Margarita Casanova


  • Title: Señora Acero 3 La Coyote
  • Country: Estados Unidos ,México
  • Year: 2016
  • Format: Xvid Dvd
  • Approximate: 13 Dvd
  • Subtitles: No

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