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With PayPal you can very simply pay online.  No hassle with filling your bank details or credit card numbers endlessly: PayPal keeps this information so that you do not do that!  Pay in a few clicks with just your email address and PayPal password.  Your financial details are only visible to you and are not shared with the seller.  You can again use the free PayPal Purchase Protection * so you can carefree and safe online shopping and payment.

Payment faster, receive your goods faster
Sellers often send purchases only after receiving the payment.  The delivery time may a payment by check or bank transfer so slow.  A seller receives a payment with PayPal directly, and thus can send your purchases faster. 

Keep your personal financial information private
One of the security features of PayPal is that your payment details are never shared with the seller.  Payments by check or credit card is always name and account information.  If you make a payment with PayPal, see the vendor just your email address and the address to which your purchase to be sent.

Shop safely with PayPal Purchase Protection
Payments with PayPal purchases give you entitled to full protection * .  With this thought, you can shop with confidence.  In the event of a problem with your purchase, you are entitled to full compensation * (including shipping).  Read more about PayPal Purchase Protection